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Crisis Creates Opportunities

In the B2B world, companies selling services, especially new services, software or capital equipment ground to a standstill in the multi-billion dollar healthcare services industry. Companies who offer essential services to deliver supplies, regulated waste management and compliance training continued to operate, but the response from marketing to prospective new customers hit a wall as healthcare facilities placed spending freezes for new services, software and capital equipment and restricted in-person visits for presentations and demos from new and existing vendors.

One company, Houston-based Trilogy MedWaste, got creative. As the pandemic gripped the country, they realized that their existing customer base as well as their target customer base would be interested in reducing contact and overall costs if at all possible. To address this need, they launched a new program called “CORE”, a bundled suite of essential services that a healthcare facility could remotely subscribe to for a number of essential services that normally would be sold and delivered by multiple vendors. These services include:

Prior to CORE, a healthcare facility may have had to contract with up to 4 different companies or consultants to receive these vital services. Combining the medical waste pickup and secure document shredding through one truck, during one scheduled stop allowed the healthcare facility the additional benefit of reducing their carbon footprint and contact with more people while cutting costs nearly in half. In regards to the required OSHA and HIPAA training, the CORE program offers unlimited online training with 14 courses delivered through Trilogy’s Online Training Portal. The courses include required bloodborne pathogens (BBP) training, proper handwashing and other safety and compliance related topics. Prior to CORE, the healthcare employer may have had to rely on expensive consultants to come into the office to perform audits and training in-person or send their employees to off-site seminars. The days of going to outside seminars and trade show events may likely be forever changed due to the pandemic and the acceptance of online innovations like Zoom for delivering live and interactive content to small and large groups of people.

“The response to our CORE Program has been tremendous.” said Ted Cote, VP of Marketing at Trilogy. He added “It just made sense to bundle these services into a flat-fee subscription program. Other industries have successfully bundled relevant services, and our industry was ripe for disruption. Cote concluded with “We are leveraging our expertise with regulated waste management and our knowledge for helping our customers maintain compliance with a multitude of regulatory entities, along with our network of field facilities and our trained route drivers to make the new normal a better normal.”

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