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    I am writing this on behalf of Trilogy MedWaste regarding their regulated medical waste services. We have been using their services since 2017 and have been more than satisfied with their service on many levels. Robin Mulligan has always responded immediately to our requests for extra pickups, and general questions and have been one of the easiest companies to work with for these services.


    I could not have asked for better customer service, professionalism from not only the office staff but driver and sales rep as well. I highly recommend this company for any company that is searching for a medical waste disposal service.


    The team at Trilogy MedWaste has demonstrated exceptional professionalism and detail-orientation throughout the entire process, supporting a flawless implementation.

    Friendship Village of Tempe

    Matt Roeder, Director of EVS & Facilities

    5 Star Reviews for Trilogy

    My company uses Trilogy for our Biomedical waste. Andrew Rodriguez, our Customer Service rep is outstanding. Always pleasant, responsive, and knowledgeable. We are now looking at adding shredding as an additional service. I highly recommend working with Andrew and Trilogy.

    Zev Shemesh


    Trilogy MedWaste has done our biomedical waste services for a year now and we were completely happy with their services and staff. Recently, they shared that they could provide confidential shredding services as well and bundle our pricing. They saved us $55/month and we have a better situation with additional boxes! Austin was great to work with and we would highly recommend them!

    Stephanie Liles

    Our team makes the difference!

    We have 6 pharmacies using waste management now known as Trilogy MedWaste and I love working with Robin (Robin Mulligan). I have been working with her since 2016. She is the best! She is very patient, knowledgeable and responsive. She always takes care of me and I will never switch vendor because of her!

    Red Rock Pharmacy


    Trilogy MedWaste services several of our organization's programs in California. Our assigned account representative is attentive and has helped me set up new service for new programs opened within our organization. Colin Chavez is responsive to all of my questions and regularly checks in to ensure that everything is running smooth. I would recommend this company for all of your medical waste needs.

    Dathan P.

  • Driving Innovation for Healthcare Waste and Compliance Solutions

    We are a full-service regulated waste management company with the experience, tools and services to help any size facility.

  • Waste and Compliance Management Services

    Thousands of healthcare businesses trust Trilogy.

    Bundle Services & Save

    Trilogy offers flat-fee bundled services via our CORE™ Program. Save money and simplify your compliance management costs by considering this popular option.


    The CORE™ Program offers 3 levels of services and enables your facility to take advantage of efficiencies gained by managing multiple waste streams and compliance services with ONE COMPANY.


    Receive a No-Obligation Quote Using Our CORE Calculator Form.

    For Generators Large & Small

    Our products, services, and programs keep your facility safe, in compliance, and operating profitably.


    We offer a full range of services including regulated medical waste, sharps management, and compliance training for all size facilities.

    When you select Trilogy MedWaste as your medical waste solution partner, you receive a complete suite of services, environmentally friendly processing, and a partner you can trust.

    A Safer & Smarter Way

    Our sharps tracking and retrieval service is a custom sharps management solution designed for your busy operation. Certified representatives work with your staff and conduct a comprehensive audit of your sharps usage patterns and waste streams.

    We provide engineer-designed sharps containers with horizontal loading slots that provide safe, secure disposal for greater patient and staff safety. Reusable sharps services available in select areas.

    Profiling, Packaging & Disposal​

    Locations within the healthcare facility may include:

    • Pharmacy, Patient Units, Surgical Units and Laboratories
    • Plant Operations, Maintenance and Environmental Services
    • Specialty waste categories include: Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Pharmaceutical Waste
    • Laboratory and Cleaning Chemicals
    • Batteries, Light Bulbs, Electronic Waste



    Our Business Is To Protect Yours

    Paper shedding and document destruction is an effective solution for sensitive documents while ensuring security and peace of mind.


    Recycling paper is an important part of sustainability, but leaving confidential information exposed this way dramatically increases the risk of data breach.

    Call us now for more information about document destruction.


    Info on Bin and Console Sizes.

    Convenient & Affordable

    Achieve total compliance with our online OSHA and HIPAA Compliance Program.

    • 14 Training Courses
    • Safety Data Sheet Management  
    • Safety Plan Builder - Complete all your OSHA required safety plans in minutes
    • Safety Audits - Identify compliance deficiencies 
    • Federal Regs - Stay up to date  
    • ICD-10 Search and Conversion System   

    A Safe Place For Unused Meds

    PharmaDrop™ is an easy-to-manage program for DEA registered Collectors such as retail pharmacies, law enforcement agencies and authorized Long Term Care Facilities managed by a retail pharmacy.

    • The PharmaDrop™ kiosk ships to your facility with two collection bundles, including liners and supplies to easily install.

    • The delivery of collection bundles can be scheduled to meet a customer’s specific needs with shipping both ways via UPS always included.

    • Additional bundles can be ordered with a simple phone call or email.

    Formulary Management Made Easy

    Eliminates compiling formulary data and maintaining spreadsheets. Instantly characterizes your formulary with disposal instructions. Your formulary is always live and up-to-date.


    If you are responsible for managing your organization's formulary, you understand the pain associated with maintaining your formulary and the time it takes for training staff.


    We built this software for you.


    Request a demo of our Formulary App

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  • About Trilogy

    We have the most experienced team in the industry.

    The Trilogy Story​

    The Dream Team

    Founded by waste industry veterans Mike and Greg Fields, Bobby Clark, Raymond Hart and Mike Mamaux, Trilogy set out to build the best company in the regulated waste industry by recruiting and hiring proven experts in operations, sales and customer service.


    Their collective decades of experience produced innovations for transportation, treatment and disposal of multiple waste streams. They have invested in new technologies to help healthcare facilities across the U.S. efficiently manage complex requirements for compliance with a host of regulatory agencies, including OSHA, HIPAA, EPA, DEA and others.

    Your Waste and Compliance Partner

    Experience Drives Innovation

    A partner you can trust implicitly. We back up your trust with our commitment, integrity, and experience. Collectively our team has amassed more than 150 years of successful management experience in the healthcare, environmental, and waste service industries, as well as in the disposal of regulated medical waste. We helped write the book on it.


    Trilogy has established itself as the fastest growing company in the waste industry and now operates across multiple states throughout the country.

    We're growing fast!

    Our footprint is expanding across the United States.

    In just over three years, Trilogy has emerged as the fastest growing company in the medical waste industry. We continue to expand our network of treatment facilities and transfer stations in multiple markets.


    If Trilogy currently does not service your area, please let us know and we can advise you of local options with companies we share alliances with. In addition, in most cases, we can set you up with USPS approved mail-back containers that provide a viable alternative to picking up by a route truck.

    Experience The Difference.

    Our mission is to protect your business against risk while protecting the environment

    A group focused on driving innovation for healthcare waste and compliance solutions, we’re all about protecting clients, patients, employees, and the environment. We are committed to delivering environmental services in a clinical manner with budget-protected pricing. Let us prove to you why your search for a healthcare waste management company should end with us.


    We've hired the best of the best, and work as a team to make sure your experience as a customer is second to none.

    Top Healthcare Pros Choose Trilogy​

    Localized Friendly Service Backed By The Strength Of A Nationwide Company

    Our experience, our products, and our services are what truly sets us apart from other medical waste removal and treatment companies. We offer top-of-the-line solutions that meet the needs of every practice, big and small. From waste management and sharps disposal to compliance training and document destruction, Trilogy MedWaste is here to help move your facility forward as efficiently as possible.


    Trilogy has also developed SaaS programs to help our customers comply with strict requirements for proper waste characterization, packaging and disposal of pharmaceutical waste.

    Verified. Qualified. Proven.

    Always Striving For Excellence

    Trilogy is a verified federal contractor with the U.S. government and services institutions, large hospital systems and other large quantity waste generators.

    We provide localized friendly service backed by the strength of a nationwide company with the resources to deliver uncompromisingly excellent service.


    We take great pride in operating the best network of treatment facilities utilizing today's latest technologies to safely and efficiently render your biohazardous waste harmless to the environment.

  • We pick up regulated waste. We deliver peace of mind.

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    866-977-3420 to speak to a Trilogy MedWaste Customer Care representative.

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