• Hazardous and Pharmaceutical Waste Management

    Expertise in Profiling, Packaging and Disposal

  • Trilogy MedWaste has compliant and cost-effective solutions for most regulated waste streams found at healthcare facilities.

    Locations within the healthcare facility may include:

    • Pharmacy, Patient Units, Surgical Units and Laboratories
    • Plant Operations, Maintenance and Environmental Services

    Specialty waste categories include:

    • Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Pharmaceutical Waste
    • Hazardous Laboratory Chemicals
    • Hazardous Cleaning Chemicals
    • Batteries, Light Bulbs and Electronic Waste


    Trilogy MedWaste can evaluate your waste streams and develop a program to keep your facility in compliance as well as reduce costs by implementing targeted departmental training.


    We offer required DOT HazMat Training. Contact Us.