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Living up to these words takes commitment and hard work. Our mission forces us to resist resorting to easier methods. It makes us reach further, to look harder to discover or develop sustainable innovation. We consider the smallest detail when making decisions about people, processes, equipment, partners and technology. We mindfully study and measure the impact these decisions will have on the future of the communities where we live and provide essential services.

Meeting Your Needs Without Compromising The Needs of the Future

Reusables, easier waste characterization, and waste-to-energy where available.


Our sustainability goals include reducing our carbon footprint by offering services that in parallel also reduce our customer’s carbon footprint. We utilize sophisticated routing software to optimize route density. We design and offer specialty containers and collection schedules so that we can pick up multiple regulated waste streams on one-stop, with one truck and one driver. Trilogy operates fuel-efficient vehicles that are maintained to the highest standards.

As commercial electric vehicles (EV) become more readily available, we will pursue the most responsible choice for our environment. 

Diverting medical waste from landfills is important to us. We strive to educate our customers about the important requirement of defining their waste. We’ve developed proprietary software (Birds Eye) to make waste identification easier and more accurate. This leads to proper and compliant waste segmentation that drastically eliminates mismanagement or over-management of historically challenging waste types like pharmaceutical and hazardous waste. 

Trilogy’s fleet of vehicles are carefully selected based upon each vehicle’s area of service, their capacity, safety rating, fuel efficiency, range and versatility. We maintain them in accordance with the manufacturer and the standards established by the Department of Transportation (DOT). We operate 34 transfer stations and treatment facilities across the United States. Our routes are created and optimized using GPS software ensuring that our pickup routes are efficient as possible. In addition, drivers and dispatchers are empowered to alter scheduled routes if and when they see opportunities to streamline routes by altering vehicles or the time of the day the vehicle is on the road. Collectively, all of these methods and practices help

Trilogy MedWaste primarily uses commercial-size autoclaves to render regulated medical waste non-infectious. We utilize mechanical means to offload totes, containers and bins to effectively consolidate the waste prior to the treated waste being transported to specialized landfills for final disposition. In the Northwest region of the United States, we have partnered with Covanta, a state-of-the-art waste-to-energy plant – which converts a large percentage of waste to energy and helps power surrounding communities.

Trilogy operates licensed facilities that can accept and process pharmaceutical waste, controlled substances, hazardous pharmaceuticals, OTC and prescription drugs for destruction in accordance with all local, state and federal requirements. Trilogy provides proprietary software to help generators comply with required characterization, containment and disposal of pharmaceutical inventory.

 Trilogy MedWaste makes an environmentally conscious effort to recycle corrugated cardboard, paper, plastic, metals and other materials when it can be done safely – and educates our customer base on ways they can encourage and increase recycling and zero waste initiatives. Since recycling cardboard used to collect RMW cannot always be recycled, we use this opportunity to introduce, train and guide our customers on proper waste segregation which ultimately decreases the amount of RMW they generate and enables the generator to realize monetary savings. We go the extra mile to research and identify technology partners whose sustainability goals mirror our own. 

Trilogy MedWaste is a proponent of utilizing reusable sharps containers and regulated medical waste tubs whenever available and permitted by our location. We have proudly expanded the use of reusable containers by investing millions of dollars in automated equipment, racks and wash stations capable of processing large volumes of such waste containers. We supply and sell disposable containers to generators of regulated waste after exhausting
efforts to convert them to reusables. 

You can’t improve what you can’t measure. Trilogy is dedicated to analyzing trends, waste volumes, transportation costs, technology and standard operating procedures.

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Collectively our team has amassed more than 150 years of successful management experience in the healthcare, environmental, and waste service industries, as well as in the disposal of regulated medical waste. We helped write the book on it.

Trilogy has established itself as the fastest growing company in the waste industry and now operates across multiple states throughout the country.