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    Helpful information and news relating to the safe handling of regulated medical waste.

  • Downloadable Posters for Proper Red Bag Management

    Take advantage of these complimentary posters designed to keep you safe and your facility in compliance.

    Waste Segregation Poster


    Proper segregation is important.

    There are different types of regulated wastes generated in a healthcare facility. This poster will assist you in properly segregating.

    The Proper Way To Tie A Red Bag (Download)

    It's actually the law.

    Red bags must be securely closed to prevent the contents from escaping. If you can hold it upside down and it doesn't leak, then you've done it correctly. To tie a red bag, use an overhand knot, a zip tie, or a twist tie. Seal the red bag with a minimum of entrapped air.

    What Should Go In A Red Bag (Download)

    Knowing what does and what doesn't belong in a red bag is critical.

    Most states have regulations that require bandages, gauze, bed sheets, and other non-sharps' materials that are contaminated with blood and other infectious bodily fluids to be disposed of in specially marked red, leak-proof waste bags. These bags are also to be marked with the standard 'biohazard' symbol

    Online Compliance Quick Guide


    This handy poster tells you what, who and when.

    OSHA and HIPAA compliance can be confusing. This handy 11 x 17 poster tells you what safety plans are required, what training is required, who needs it and how often. Our CORE program includes all of these essential tools and training for a flat monthly fee and they are conveniently available online.

  • Proper Handwashing

    Watch a brief video.