• Our Business Is To Protect Yours

    The mishandling of sensitive information like employee records and financial data can expose your organization to fraud, fines and identity theft. Let Trilogy setup a regularly scheduled pickup to securely shred your sensitive documents and recycle the waste.


    Our CORE™ Essentials and Premium Program includes secure document destruction and regulated medical waste pickup for a flat monthly fee.


  • Secure Document Collection Consoles and Accessories

    We've got just the right size console for your specific needs.


    Reusable and durable

    Our All-in-One Bag has been designed for additional function & added Durability! Made with a thicker more durable material, the All-in-One bag was created to be the top performing and longest lasting console bag on the market. With nine grommet placements, it was made to be compatible with all North American made consoles. Partner the All-In-One bag with the Trilogy Shred Console, and know that confidential information is secure and safe from prying eyes



    • Nine grommets for maximum compatibility across North American made consoles
    • Made from a heavy duty polyester fabric
    • Equipped with a bottom handle to aid in emptying
    • Equipped with a drawstring to ensure a taught fit, and seal the bag when in transport
    The All-in-One Secure Shredder Bag was designed for long-lasting performance. The bag offers a drawstring closure to maximize the internal capacity of the secure document container. The bag can be used with any North American shred console with 9 grommets. Partner the All-in-One Shredder Bag with either the Trilogy Shred Console for the ultimate secure document disposal container.




    Great option

    The Shredinator is our preferred choice for deskside document collection containers. It is offered in a 27" height option to fit discreetly under any desk or workstation. The Shredinator is the perfect option for hospitals and medical facilities where keeping PHI confidential and secure are priorities.



    • Joint Commission Compliant
    • 27″ height
    • Creates a high density stack of paper for optimal collection
    • Made from high density polyethylene
    • Double turn lock
    • Available with the “One Key Solution”



    27” Shredinator

    • Dimensions HxWxD: 27”x11”x20”
    • Capacity: 20 US Dry Gallon
    • Empty Weight: 5.7 lbs



    Fits under desks

    When secure document containers are easy to access and readily available, businesses are more likely to remain compliant. Every office, reception area and conference room should have easy access to a secure container for its employees and clients to keep confidential material from ending up in the waste bin. This sleek, lockable shredding console suits every office environment’s existing décor, and is the perfect deskside recycling bin to ensure secure shredding.



    • Anti-phishing paper deflector ensures no hands can access documents
    • Pin & Dowel Construction
    • Self-closing lock ensures that documents are secure at all times
    • Metal striker and anti-pry device to ensure security
    • Plastic base allows for easy deployment and protects carpets & console from damage
    • Five hooks for use with All-in-One console bag
    • Accommodates either an Ergonomic Rigid Insert or All-in-One Bag
    • Available in a 24" tall model


    • Dimensions HxWxD: 24”x 21”x16″
    • Empty Weight: 43 lbs
  • How It Works

    Trust Trilogy to help you - from providing bins and consoles to loading and lifting heavy paper for secure destruction and paper recycling.


    Free Assessment

    Call us and schedule a free risk-free assessment to determine the most efficient way to secure your documents. We'll give you advice on containers and costs.


    Initial Declutter

    If you haven't cleaned house in a while, Trilogy can do an initial

    de-clutterization of your facility for a one-time fee to get your facility clutter-free.


    Deliver Containers

    When you setup services with Trilogy, we provide you with the containers and consoles you need to conveniently collect and securely store your sensitive documents.


    Regular Schedule

    Trilogy offers affordable regularly scheduled options at the same time other waste is picked up. This saves you money and reduces your carbon footprint.

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