• Mailback Pharmaceutical Solutions

    We offer a variety of mailback solutions for your

    controlled substances, prescription medication and OTC Rx.


    Hospital Program Brochure - Special Offer

  • Learn how simple this process can be.

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  • Consumer Take Back Movement with PharmaDrop™​

    The PharmaDrop™ collection system provides a simple and effortless way for individuals to safely dispose of unused or expired medications.

  • Federally Approved Program

    Available Nationwide

    Law Enforcement

    Tamper Evident and Tear Proof Liners

    Hospitals & Long-Term Care

    Customization Options Available

    DEA Compliant

    Safe, Secure and Easy to Use

  • Mailback and PharmaDrop Instructions

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  • Request Shipping Labels and Instructions

    To request instructions and shipping labels please email Mailback@trilogymedwaste.com.

  • For Pricing and Other Details

    Please contact us for more information about PharmaDrop™